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This book is dedicated, at least in part, to George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair as he was legally known; the man who wrote ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four′. That book has, wrongly, gone down in history as a prediction of a terrible future world. That perception of his writing is wrong; for Blair was not writing of a future time, but of his own time, of 1948, of the terrible
dictatorship in Britain that he finally had the wit to see for himself, and that he tried to show the world.

He could not truly make them understand. The time was not right. Nor could he do anything to change the way things were.

But we can; you can.

You can do it by promoting the Fit Future 2016 search engine; Future it, don’t Google it. You can get involved in our clean-up campaigns. You can shop online, and raise more money for us. And you can spread the word, and help us to victory.

For now we can say, finally, what is the meaning of liberty; the meaning of freedom.

Freedom is the freedom from the need to work – freedom from the need to be paid by an employer.

Freedom is the freedom to do what you love.

Freedom is the freedom to make your own choices, in the Great Britain of the future.

Freedom is the freedom to say no; and it is the freedom to say yes.

Freedom is the freedom to choose.

Freedom is the future – if you choose it.

‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a smiling human face; giving wage-slavery the boot – for ever!’

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